Truck & Automotive Signs

Here are some of the Truck, Pickup and Trailer signs we have done.
This is a difrent style of Fire Truck signs. We made for 1380 KSRV in Ontario. We wish Big Jack a Speedy recovery.
All west plumbing

Vintage Style signs on a vintage Dodge Panel.

Rich Computing Car signs
This is a set of signs we made and installed for a new business in Fruitland, ID.
Sun Eagle Farms Truck Signs
This is a set of full color signs we designed for Sun Eagle Farms of Ontario.

Ruiz Livestock
Payette Fire

Reflective Graphics with Gold Leaf and black signs for Payette Fire and Rescue.

ecowater trk

We designed and installed this layout for Lindsay Ecowater of Ontario.

 Brogan Fire

This set of signs is acombination of digital print with gold engine turned and black overlays.


A set of multi color die cut vinyl signs for Bryon Clark of Willow Creek OR.

Unruh Truck signs

This is a classic style set of truck signs. Done in Metalic Silver and Black.

Gentry Mustang

This was a Give away Mustang we did for Gentry Motors. The signs and graphics were made of a removeable vinyl. They were removed after the give away.


We also offer a discount on fleet signage.

Fruitland Griz

This is a full color print installed on the Fruitland Grizzly's Band Trailer

Rays Trucking

This is a good example of a Full color set of truck signs.


We designed and Installed the signs and Graphics On this dump truck and trailer for Hammon Trucking in New Plymouth, ID

1st response

We Design and install alot of trailer signs. This is one we did for 1st Response.

Ontario Rural fire

This is all reflective striping and signage made for Ontario Rural Fire Dept.


Full color digital printed and laminated graphics with reflective phone numbers done for Horizon Carpet Care, Parma ID.


Signs made for High Contry Hay, Parma ID

Kellers Apairy

We have done Several Trucks and pickups over the years for Keller's Apairy of Ontario.

Brent May Transport

A set of 3 color layered signs Black/ChromeRed made for Brent May Transport, Nyssa, OR.