Lit Signs

Bellow are several types and styles of lit signs and faces we have designed and built.
TNT lit sign

This  our sign before we rebuilt it.

TNT lit sign
This is a pictures of our sign after a make over.

We Build and lettermost type of lit signs and Faces.
This is a flex face sign we re lettered for Makey's Steak House and Pub in Ontario.

Taco El Zarape Lit Sign

We made and installed this sign for Taco El Zarape in Ontario.

Hog rock

We refaced this sign face for Hog Rock Cafe of Ontario

Light House

This is a full color Lit Sign face we made and installed for Light House Worship Center in Ontario.

Lindsay Ecowater

A 3 x10 ft lit sign we built and installed for Lindsay Ecowater

Plaza Inn

A 3 ft x 18 ft poly carbonite sign face we made for Plaza Inn in Ontario.

Rolling Stock

We make install and repair Zip track reader boards and signs.

Weiser Lanes

A 6 ft x 8 ft full color Lit sign face made for Weiser Lanes in Weiser ID.

Ani-Care    These sign faces where Made for Ani-Care Animal Services between Ontario and Nyssa, OR.